Dog Food for Pitbulls

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls For Nutritional Needs

Each dog type has its special set of nutritional needs requirements, based on its body size and energy requirements. Developed initially for blood sports like bull-baiting and dog-fighting, pitbulls are highly energetic pet dogs, friendly, and love taking care of.

Physically, pitbulls are medium-sized, lean, muscular, short layered type with a brick like head and strong broad jaws. Like all other dog breeds, pitbulls also need food which has the best balance of proteins, carbs, vitamins, fats and minerals that match the breed specific nutritional requirements.

What’s the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls?

The very best food for pitbulls may vary based on what the veterinarians nutritional needs suggest and exactly what the breeder has to state. However, the essential thing to bear in mind for all pitbull owners is to feed your dogs with meals that please its unique nutritional requirements.
The food needs to include a balanced meal of meats and proteins. A healthy looking pitbull ought to have a lean, muscular, athletic body. The hourglass figure of a pitbull is defined by the “tucked in” stomach and ribs that are quickly felt through the muscles.

Dry Dog Food

Not only is the dry dog food the least expensive, it is also most practical and simple to keep too. Nutritional needs it is likewise a practical choice when you have more than one dog as it costs much lower because of case. The quality of the industrial foods can differ based on the manufacturer. To pick the best dry dog food you have to scan the components discussed on the packet; some low-cost food might have fillers and other low-quality components like ground corn.

The majority of the premium and very premium foods would consist of sources of the animal protein consisting of chicken, lamb, beef, venison, bison, duck and carb sources like sweet potatoes. Brand names like Innova Evo, Wellness and Artemis are popular and are the best dry dog food for pitbulls.

The advantage of dry foods is that it can be saved over a length of time and can be bought in significant quantities. However, it needs to be kept in mind that storing the food over a substantial amount of time can impact the dietary worth.

Semi-moist Dog Food

Made up of water and meat products, the semi-moist dog foods are generally quite popular with dogs. Here is a word of caution for all those of you considering this option: the high sugar material in the food along with the presence of preservatives and ingredients can impact the dog’s health in the long run.
Semi-moist dog foods are likewise rather costly as compared with the dry dog foods. The ingredients, nutritional needs, quality, taste may differ based on the brand. As a mid-way, you may alternate between dry food and semi-wet food.

Canned Food

Canned food is easily the most popular and the best dog food for pitbulls. This is because unlike dry food, canned food products do need carbohydrate stabilizers in the formula. This implies the percentage of meat is much more than the other foods. The drawback? It is way too pricey.
Nevertheless, if you desire the very best food for pets, consider brands such as By Nature Organics, Wellness, Innova Evo and Wysong. Once again, here a good way to stabilize the cost is to alternate it with regular dry food. You can “treat” your dog to a can of canned food from time to time!

Raw Diets

Including lean red meat and video game, meat in the diet is basically the very best food for pitbulls. A raw food diet fosters excellent oral health, shiny coats, healthy skin and good digestive health in pitbulls. Include foods such as raw beef, raw eggs with shell, chicken bones, and turkey backs.
Some people might advise grains such as brown rice and corn, remember that this is not part of the natural diet of the pitbulls and may hence result in numerous dog health problems. You can include particular vegetables to their diet however it is necessary to bear in mind that the food for pitbulls needs to include meat.

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